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Founded  at the beginning of 1960,  FOGI was born with a clear desire: to become the symbol of Neapolitan’s craftsmanship all around the world.

Production grew up thanks to the  ongoing  demand from European countries, creating unique jewels but true  to innate mastery of Neapolitan goldsmith’s tradition. Starting from the second half of the last century Gianni Carità & Figli SPA started to produce and sell the brand FOGI.

Thank to the expertise of a qualified staff,   who is always attentive to current trends, you can discover in each jewel a romantic and classic spirit who is synonymous of our tradition.

Furthermore the accurate attention to communication has allowed FOGI become a leading presence in national and international jewelry market, boasting more than 600 dealers.

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Fogi collection was born to experience new creative languages through a glamorous taste and a different versatility, using silver and semiprecious stones.